cropped-siteheader.jpgWelcome to Eternal Energy Gems!!

I am very passionate about crystals, healings and living a heart based life and helping others live one too. This was how Eternal Energy Gems was formed, it is a place to not only buy amazing crystals at some great prices but it is a place to grow and learn and explore crystals, spirituality and life! It is a place where we can all learn more about oursleves and hopefully learn to live a more fulfilled, spiritual life.

I do not claim to be a guru but I am a woman with an amazing life. I am a mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter. I am a daughter-in-law and a sister-in-law. I am an aunt and a niece. I am woman and I am living my life. I make mistakes, I cry, I fall, I LOVE, I laugh, I offer support, reiki and love to friends, family and clients. I listen and I care.

I will be sharing with you snippets of my life – my work with crystals, reiki and any insights I think might be useful or am guided to share.

I sell crystals via my facebook page. Stop by and have a look :)


For Reiki treatmens please contact me here or via email on deena@eternalenergygems.com.au

I hope you enjoy it here and I look forward to sharing many memorable moments with you.

With Love

Deena xXx





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