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Amber Love

Amber necklaceAmber is not technically a crystal but is rather, fossilised resin. It has a beautiful warming energy and has been described as a drop of sunshine! How beautiful is that! I have to say I’m a bit in love with that description as I find it fits it perfectly! You can’t help but feel happy when you read that line and you can’t help but feel like you’re being cuddled when you wear Amber.

Metaphysically, Amber is used to help cleanse the aura and acts as a purifier of sorts. It helps transform negative or stagnant energies into positive usable energy. It helps empower you and can therefore help you find your purpose. Amber also encourages the choice of laughter and joy in life and generally increase your vitality and energy levels.

Physically, Amber helps remove pain and imbalances. We know that Amber is used to ease the pain of teething in babies, but did you know that Amber can also assist with thyroid problems and ear infections.

My personal experience is that it is a remarkable healer. One day my neck started hurting and I started looking around my place of work for something to help with the pain as I still had a couple of hours left before closing time. I was drawn to the Amber necklaces, ‘Of course!’ I thought and I kid you not within 15 mins my neck pain had gone and that impending headache that comes with neck pain was all but a distant memory :) I was so thrilled I purchased the neckalce (pictured above) and it has been my faithful companion ever since. Whenever I wear my necklace, I always feel uplifted and I know that I will not have any aches or pains.


Why not reach for some Amber the next time you have an ache or pain. It really does work and is now one of the crystals in my emergency crystal tool kit!




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