Crystal Grids

Emotional Healing Crystal Grid – Mangano Calcite, Garnet and Clear Quartz

Recently I have been making a few grids again. I forgot how incredible they are and what an amazing tool they can be for everyone :) My passion for grids has re-ignited so I decided to share with you a bit about grids and about my process when I make them.

What is a Crystal Grid

To put it simply, crystal grids are made by placing crystals/ stones/ gems/ gemstones in a geometric pattern for a specific purpose. Each stone amplifies the energy and healing properties of the other. They are amazing tools to use in healings.

Why Set Up a Crystal Grid

There are many reasons to set up a crystal grid. Grids can be used in healing work, they can be used for protection, for abundance or for whatever you would like to manifest.

I set one up for myself the other day when I was having a really stressful day and decided I needed assistance to help calm me down. With 3 little ones, I cannot afford to be super stressed and besides I am just not a fan of it :)

As mentioned above, you can set up grids to help create abundance; this can be abundance of wealth, abundane of love, of joy or of peace Рthe stones you use are selected for the intended purpose.

You can use crystal grids to help manifest whatever you would like – your imagination is the only limit :)

How to Create A Crystal Grid

  1. Decide on the purpose of the crystal grid. This will help you choose your master crystal or main crystal. You can write your intention on a piece of paper or behind a photo if you like to place under the master crystal of your grid. Keep your intention clear and focussed as this will help charge the energy of the grid.
  2. Find a suitable spot for your crystal grid! Once your grid has been created and activated you really do not want it to be disturbed. When you have found where you are going to set it up, you might want to cleanse the area by smudging it with some sage. I like to add candles and flowers to my now sacred space to add ambiance and to infuse the crystal grid with the energy of fire and nature. You can play some beautiful music when creating the grid as well. Something that sings to your soul.
  3. Choose your master crystal, this is the crystal to be placed in the center of the grid. The master crystal will be chosen based on the intention of the crystal grid eg if the intention to create financial abundance, a citrine crystal might be used. The crystal can be any shape, cluster, sphere, generator etc
  4. Choose the smaller crystals which encircle the master crystal in a geometric pattern, I like to think of these as ‘supporting crystals‚Äô :) This is quite an intuitive process I find.
  5. The next stage is to cleanse your chosen crystals and then lay them out, To cleanse you can either use tibetan bells, run them under water, you can use pure intention imagining a cleansing, golden light showering down on them and preparing them for use.
  6. Program or charge your master crystal with your clear intention and place in what would be, the middle of the grid. Crystals can not only receive but hold your thoughts patterns and project them outwards to the universe.
  7. Now place the smaller crystals in a geometric pattern around your master crystal.
  8. Activate the Crystal Grid: for this you can use either a clear quartz point or a wand and trace a line from the master crystal to one stone and back to the master crystal, then to another stone and back to the master crystal and so on until you have connected all of the stones in the grid. I tend to do this 2 or 3 times, all the while holding the intention clear in my mind. Once I feel the connection between the crystals has been made, I make a spiral motion with my quartz point starting from the outer crystals and working towards the inner master crystal, where I pull the point up. While connecting and placing the stones I have a special song that I sing, this has become a bit of a ritual for me and feels almost like a prayer. It is not in a language I know and I have been singing it for as long as I can remember :)
  9. Now, center and ground yourself, you are going to fill the grid with your love and with the intention. Take a few deep breaths and visualise golden light from the universe, flowing in through you via your crown chakra and on the exhale let the light flow from your heart to the grid. Remember to let the love flow and keep the intention in mind, clear and true. This is a very powerful step!
  10. Visualise your goal or intention already being achieved.
  11. Give thanks and gratitude

Have fun with your grids, they are powerful tools!

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