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The Importance of Holding Space

1516Holding space for someone going through trauma, illness, grief or anything that shocks them out of themselves is vital to their healing. What is this you might ask? Holding space in this context, is simply the act of being there for someone with an open heart, with complete love and without judgment. Being present for them in any way you can…..it can be as simple as just sitting in silence with them or holding their hand. When you come from heart, love and acceptance, the most amazing healing can happen.

I have had the privilege of both being the recipient of and giver in holding space and it is truly amazing the healing that occurs for both the receiver and the giver in these moments.

As some of you may know when I was 6 months pregnant with my first baby, my father passed away very suddenly. This event, shook my world to its core. My father, my love, my soul mate had died and would no longer walk this earth with me…..I found it hard to breath and only held it all together because I had this remarkable life growing inside of me. After a few months, my beautiful Lilli was born 10 days early and I was overwhelmed with love and joy for this angel. Life felt like it was getting back on track. One month after my baby girl blessed my life, my mother passed away. Again, the wind was taken out of me….how, how would I survive this? How could I ever live in a world where the two people who loved me unconditionally had suddenly left me? Who was I? I questioned everything and yes I fell into a state of depression. My world turned grey and I just couldn’t see past my grief and my loss. I knew I had this beautiful baby girl who I loved more than life and I was there for her and I played with her and I cherished her but when we were apart, my life was grey….

When Lilli was about 5 months, my husband, (God I love that man), came to me and said “Deena, there is a mother’s group for new mums not far from us, I think it would be good for you to go to it and get out of the house” I resisted for a while but eventually went and it was the best decision……we met for the first time at the clinic, with a nurse and she discussed the value of these groups etc. We decided as a group to meet every fortnight. I remember thinking when I left, “Geez, will they ever want me back? I’ll just bring the whole group down” but I went back the next fortnight. At this time, I wasn’t doing much talking to anyone and I would go and sit with Lilli and just nod and smile politely but never say a word for fear I would just burst into tears. These remarkable ladies asked me back the next fortnight and kept on asking me back every fortnight after and I would just sit quietly and observe everything that was happening and not say a word. Each time I left I thought, “Why are they asking me back” but their love, kindness and acceptance kept me going back every fortnight. No one ever asked me what was wrong, no one ever judged me, they just accepted me and my Lilli for who we were. After several months of going, I started talking again and I started to see colours in the world again. It was like slowly a veil was lifting, that heavy grey veil was becoming thinner with each visit to my mother’s group. Without knowing, they gave me exactly what I needed, a place to feel loved and accepted for who I was in that exact moment. They held this amazing space for me and I will forever be grateful to them for that. This simple act facilitated the start of my healing process. I often think of those women and say a silent prayer of thanks for the universe bringing them into my life.


Holding space for someone going through a trauma, or difficult times does not have to be an elaborate gesture, you just need to come from a place of love and acceptance for who they are and the journey that they are on.

Namaste xXx



Amber Love

Amber necklaceAmber is not technically a crystal but is rather, fossilised resin. It has a beautiful warming energy and has been described as a drop of sunshine! How beautiful is that! I have to say I’m a bit in love with that description as I find it fits it perfectly! You can’t help but feel happy when you read that line and you can’t help but feel like you’re being cuddled when you wear Amber.

Metaphysically, Amber is used to help cleanse the aura and acts as a purifier of sorts. It helps transform negative or stagnant energies into positive usable energy. It helps empower you and can therefore help you find your purpose. Amber also encourages the choice of laughter and joy in life and generally increase your vitality and energy levels.

Physically, Amber helps remove pain and imbalances. We know that Amber is used to ease the pain of teething in babies, but did you know that Amber can also assist with thyroid problems and ear infections.

My personal experience is that it is a remarkable healer. One day my neck started hurting and I started looking around my place of work for something to help with the pain as I still had a couple of hours left before closing time. I was drawn to the Amber necklaces, ‘Of course!’ I thought and I kid you not within 15 mins my neck pain had gone and that impending headache that comes with neck pain was all but a distant memory :) I was so thrilled I purchased the neckalce (pictured above) and it has been my faithful companion ever since. Whenever I wear my necklace, I always feel uplifted and I know that I will not have any aches or pains.


Why not reach for some Amber the next time you have an ache or pain. It really does work and is now one of the crystals in my emergency crystal tool kit!




Earth Star Chakra

A very interesting thing has been happening lately in reiki sessions………everyone’s Earth Star Chakras are being activated if not already! How fantastic!!!

The Earth Star Chakra is located 11 – 12 inches below the feet and helps us really ground and connect with Mother Earth. I like to think that the Earth Star Chakras look like little golden stars sitting below our feet in the earth. It also helps us connect with the human consciousness of wherever we are, so clearing and balancing this chakra helps clear and balance the negative energies of fear from the planet. How remarkable to think that we are all helping raise the consciousness of this beautiful planet we live on with this one simple act. What an amazing gift for us to give back to Mother Earth.

Golden Star - Star Dodechahedron Small

How to Connect to Your Earth Star Chakra?

A great way to connect with your Earth Star Chakra is to meditate somewhere outside with a crystal related to this chakra and connect with Mother Earth, where your feet can touch the earth or the water. Find a quiet spot where you can be undisturbed and begin by giving thanks to Mother Earth for all that she has given to you. Take a deep breath in and exhale it with a sigh, do this a couple more times and release all of the tension in your body. Envision bright white light entering each of your chakras starting at your crown chakra. Feel your Earth Star Chakra about one foot below your feet in the earth and imagine a gold cord moving through your body, through your Earth Star chakras and connect to the center of the earth. Allow the energies of Mother Earth to move up through this cord to your Earth Star Chakras. Sit in this space for as long as you can, really feeling and connecting to the healing energies of this chakra. Ask Mother Earth if she has anything to share with you.

Tree of Life MeditationMother Earth









Which Crystals are Associated with the Earth Star Chakra?

Dark brown or black crystals are associated with this chakra and will help you open, balance and clear it. So when working with this chakra think of using crystals such as Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Dravite, Garnet or even Chiasotlite. All of these are very grounding and will help you connect deeply with Mother Earth.

Why not try to connect with your Earth Star Chakras? If you need help send me a message and we can arrange a reiki session to assist.

Love to You All, Deena xXx


Images Sourced: tea-leafer.tumblr.com; http://mywatkinsblog.blogspot.com.au/2010/06/we-do-not-inherit-earth-from-our.html; http://www.sacred-geometry.com/Metaforms/products.php/Stellated-Earth-Grid-Form


Grief and Letting Go

GriefAngel1The loss of a loved one can be devastating, it can cripple you. The death of my parents did just this. I felt like I couldn’t breath…..my world crumbled and I clung to anything, to anyone that would keep me afloat; to anything that would give my life some meaning and help ease the pain of the grief. Grief is defined as an intense sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death. It is the deep mental anguish, as that arising from bereavement. This is how I felt when they left this earthly plane. The moment I knew their feet would not walk this earth as mine do, the moment I knew they would not breath the same air that I do……the physical pain of their loss was so tangible, so real and so raw….

But this blog isn’t about how I clung to my little baby girl for survival this is about the journey I am on now. The journey of release…..I am working on clearing away and letting go of the grief I have held onto for far too long. It has taken me 10yrs to realise that letting go of my parents doesn’t mean letting go of their memory, it simply means letting go of the attachment to the physical earth plane. In letting go, we will all be able to move forward and be whole. It means standing in my own personal power, being brave and strong enough to live in this world but still being soft and gentle enough with myself, my children, my husband, my friends and family and to know when to ask for help and rely on others.

I’m terrified and excited and feel extremely vulnerable but the universe has been gently nudging me in this direction and guiding me to release. So here I am, arms outstretched willing to lean how to let go and be whole not only for me, but for my parents and for my gorgeous baby girl who so bravely and lovingly supported me xXx


Images: The Angel of Grief and from www.glogster.com

Reiki – Connection with the Fae

Reiki is an amazing healing modality and I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful Beings that help me with when I connect with the Reiki energy in a healing session. I will be sharing snippets of sessions from time to time about these experiences.

“It was a cool day, I had placed my crystals for the seesion around the massage table, gridding it. The area was cleansed and energised in preparation for the session. My puppy lay under the massage table and the client on top. faerie-seerAs the session began, my client closed her eyes and I started channelling the reiki energy to her……in a reiki session I cleanse and balance all of the chakras and when I reached the sacral chakra, a beautiful, elegant faerie came in and bowed to me and I to her in mutual respect and honour. She then proceeded to look at the chakra which was a dirty orange colour and shook her head, she pulled out a little potion bottle and put a drop of its contents into the chakra, it immediately started to become a clearer orange colour. This beautiful being shook her head again, dropped another drop into it and my client’s chakra became a brilliant orange and was spinning beautifully; her chakra was now opened, balanced and clear. The faerie smiled, turned to me, we again bowed to each other, I thanked her for her help and off she went.”

After the session, I relayed step by step, what had happened, my client was so touched and excited by this experience as she always believed in faeries but had never had any contact with them. She was overwhelmed with emotions and felt deeply honoured that the faerie came to help with her healing. In her words “I feel cherished by this experience”.

If ever confirmation was needed that faeries exist, this is it, all you need to do is be open and ask for their help.

These are just some of the beings that I work with in my reiki sessions. I am always amazed, deeply grateful and honoured when I receive guidance and assitance from Spiritual Guides, Faeries, Totem Animals and other Beings in healing sessions. In the coming weeks and months I will reveal more exciting and life altering experiences my clients and I have had during our reiki sessions.

Blessings, Deena xXx

Faerie Image: http://fairysource.com/

The Magic of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli RawLapis Lazuli is a truly beautiful stone. Dark blue with flecks of gold pyrite through it and white calcite. Looking at it automatically takes you back to Ancient Egypt, when Pharaohs ruled. In fact, it was used to decorate the Pharaohs and is known as a stone of royalty and spirituality. To this day Lapis Lazuli still carries the vibration of the inner ‘queen’ or ‘king’ that lies dormant within us all.


Lapis Lazuli is best known as a spiritual awakener. It activates the higher mind and psychic abilities. It helps with inner vision and honest, open communication. It helps you journey deep into your being, allowing a Divine connection to self. The pyrite inclusions in lapis lazuli, help you to act upon your highest ideals and visions while the calcite clears the energy systems of the body to allow these higher spiritual energies to integrate with your soul. A match made in heaven.

For me as soon as I hold a piece of Lapis Lazuli, I feel my third eye expand, my chest and throat open and tears stream down my face. The wind is blowing a nice cool breeze on my face and I meet my inner self in an open field. We run to each other and touch foreheads, there is light pulsating as Divine information is exchanged and then everything goes dark and I see a keyhole. I go towards it and look in it and I see myself….reminding me that I hold the key within me. We all hold the key to our happiness and our Divine guidance within us……we just have to be willing to look in, accept and love ourselves as we are, flaws and all…

Lapis Lazuli Freeform

Lapis Lazuli is my eldest daughter’s favourite stone, from the first time she laid eyes on it at age 7, she fell in love instantly.

Market Day – Fri 17th Jan ’14


7536766484_29204e2506_zWoohoo! I have announced the next market for Eternal Energy Gems!! It will be held on the Facebook page so please pop on over and have a look ?


This market is being called The Wild Horses Market and is being dedicated to Horse Magic and Wisdom ~ Travel, Power, Freedom (as we are approaching the year of the horse in the chinese calendar) For me, horses are symbols of freedom, elegance and have a commanding stature to them. They are noble, kind and have deep integrity. They help to teach us how to ride in new directions and discover our own freedom and power while overcoming obstacles. Please come and join me here, there will be lots of crystals for sale and some freebies as well.

Market Day is Friday 17th Jan 2014 @ 7pm Brisbane, Australia time. Please note, I do ship overseas and have paypal facilities available for payment if needed. I hope you can join me then for a great market.

Namaste, Deena xXx

Praying Mantis Magic

Today while swimming a praying mantis came right to the pool’s edge dancing and swaying for me and my kids but still exuding a sense of peace and serenity. How beautiful!! We often have butterflies, dragonflies, lizards & wasps visit us when swimming but never before a praying mantis, so naturally I had to find out about Praying Mantis Magic….
praying mantis
For me, the praying mantis is all about stillness, about being silent and turning inwards for answers. They always exude a sense of grace and serenity. This morning in my daily reading for myself, the card I pulled was all about taking time out for quiet reflection. Fits perfectly!!
I also did a little research online to find out what the mantis means. Here is what I found: The Mantis symbolizes stillness, vision, and careful, deliberate actions. Mantis has large eyes and the ability to turn its head 180 degrees, making it a very formidable predator. Mantis sits absolutely still, its large front legs give the illusion that it is praying. Mantis tells us of the importance of silence and stillness when looking for our answers. Looking at all the options allows us to know the right time to act. (Info from totemwisdom.com).
Here is a list of words that help relay the symbolism of the parying mantis (sourced from whats-your-sign.com)
  • Stillness
  • Awareness
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Mindful
  • Calm
  • Balance
  • Intuition

Have you had any animals visit you today? If so what does this animal mean to you? What is it trying to teach you? Try to take some time out to think about it and reflect on the magic and wisdom of the animal, for they all have something to teach us.

Namaste, Deena xXx

Hello 2014!!


Abundant Blessing to you all for 2014! May your dreams and hopes become a reality. Today 1sty Jan 2014 is a New Moon, time to set your intentions for the month and the year ahead. What are you wanting to create in 2014???

Love to all xxx

xmas art: Kiki SmithImages Sourced from:


Crystal Power – Black Tourmaline & Ocean Jasper

I wanted to share with you a little something….a little experience I had today with crystals :)

Today my hubby wanted to go to the shops to buy some new work shirts and trousers in the sales. For me, going to the shopping centre is very draining, I tend to get really overwhelmed and irritable. Today I thought to myself, ‘no way is this going to happen’. I grabbed my hemp necklace and placed an ocean jasper and a piece of black tourmaline in it and said, ‘do your stuff!’. Well, 3 hours later, I still felt upbeat, and full of energy and I didn’t even realise we were in the shops for as long as we were.

PendantOcean Jasper helps to create feelings of joy and elevates your spirit while helping you to release any negative feelings. Perfect!! A great stone if you need a lift in energy

Black Tourmaline is known for its grounding energies and for helping to transmute any negative energies around you. It also encourages a positive attitude.

The combination of these 2 was just perfect for me today! So why not give it a try if you are going to be out and about in large crowds and find it a ‘wee bit’ overwhelming :)

Love, Deena xXx

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