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Spring is Here!!


tumblr_mjytreZc3m1qerkovo1_500Here in Australia it is Spring time!

Spring is my favourite season. It represents the renewal of life, re-birth – ahhhhh! Flowers start blooming and baby animals are born. It is such a beautiful season where everything seems to come alive.

It is also a time when we do alot of cleaning and clearing out of clutter, refreshing our surroundings and preparing ourselves for the hot Summers days and nights. My hubby and I are embarking on a detox to help clear out our bodies and make them whole and strong :) Bliss!

It is also the Spring Equinox here in Australia. The Equinoxes are the balancing points in the cycle of the seasons, where day and night are equal in length. The equinoxes remind us of harmony and to be in harmony with the whole.


To celebrate Spring here at Eternal Energy Gems, we are having a Springtime Market tonight Sunday 22nd Sept @ 7:30pm (Australian time). Please feel free to come along to our FaceBook page and check out the goodies available for sale! Here is the link to the album and some pics for you.

RubeliteSpirit QuartzSnow Quartz Cluster

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