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Hello 2014!!


Abundant Blessing to you all for 2014! May your dreams and hopes become a reality. Today 1sty Jan 2014 is a New Moon, time to set your intentions for the month and the year ahead. What are you wanting to create in 2014???

Love to all xxx

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New Moon in September 2013

New Moon Blessings! The New Moon is the perfect time to set intentions, desires and goals.
This New Moon is in Virgo and the question Virgo asks us is “Do we know who we are?” Well, this couldn’t be a more perfect question for me at this moment. For me, this Virgo New Moon, is bringing together all I have been learning and growing into. There have been so many major shifts this year, that we have all expereinced, but for me I feel layers shedding, peeling away to reveal me, my authentic self. Do you feel that too?
With these powerful shifts has come such deep healing. Tears have been shed that have been held onto for far too long. Tears for the loss of my mother. Grief that has been held onto for 9 yrs is finally being released. In its place, honour, gratitude and love pours forth not only for my mother but also for the healing that is happening within me. How beautiful, how delicious, how incredibly humbling and nurturing.
With this in mind, my intentions for this New Moon will be to continue to heal, to continue to spread love and joy to others, to continue combining my passion and work with service and to continue being my authentic self.
Namaste xXx

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