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Praying Mantis Magic

Today while swimming a praying mantis came right to the pool’s edge dancing and swaying for me and my kids but still exuding a sense of peace and serenity. How beautiful!! We often have butterflies, dragonflies, lizards & wasps visit us when swimming but never before a praying mantis, so naturally I had to find out about Praying Mantis Magic….
praying mantis
For me, the praying mantis is all about stillness, about being silent and turning inwards for answers. They always exude a sense of grace and serenity. This morning in my daily reading for myself, the card I pulled was all about taking time out for quiet reflection. Fits perfectly!!
I also did a little research online to find out what the mantis means. Here is what I found: The Mantis symbolizes stillness, vision, and careful, deliberate actions. Mantis has large eyes and the ability to turn its head 180 degrees, making it a very formidable predator. Mantis sits absolutely still, its large front legs give the illusion that it is praying. Mantis tells us of the importance of silence and stillness when looking for our answers. Looking at all the options allows us to know the right time to act. (Info from totemwisdom.com).
Here is a list of words that help relay the symbolism of the parying mantis (sourced from whats-your-sign.com)
  • Stillness
  • Awareness
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Mindful
  • Calm
  • Balance
  • Intuition

Have you had any animals visit you today? If so what does this animal mean to you? What is it trying to teach you? Try to take some time out to think about it and reflect on the magic and wisdom of the animal, for they all have something to teach us.

Namaste, Deena xXx

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