Reiki Treatments

Why have a Reiki Treatment?

  • Are you ill, in pain, or in distress and seeking help to cope with your situation?
  • Are you feeling low or anxious?
  • Does everything feel ‘just too much‚Äô at times?
  • Need a way to recharge and gain peace of mind?
  • Do you just feel ‘out of whack‚Äô?

These are all reasons people seek Reiki treatments.


In Person Treatments

Duration: 60 mins (approximately)

Cost: AUD $80

What to Expect: The treatment will start with you lying on your back, fully clothed (shoes removed). With pillow’s under your knee’s and head for comfort, if needed, and a small blanket placed on the body  as your body temperature will drop , (this is a normal thing to expect to happen). I will then lay my hands in various positions over your body and chakras, each position being held for as long as is needed, this is an intuitive processs, some chakras might be blocked and need a little longer to work on. The treatment will be compelted with an aura sweep to cleanse your aura.


Distance ReikiDistance Reiki

Duration: 60 mins (approximately)

Cost: AUD $70

About a Distance Reiki Treatment: Due to the universal nature of Reiki energy, healing can be sent and received even when it‚Äôs not possible for both parties to be physically present in the same location. Reiki can be sent distantly to any¬†being, any animal or child, to any situation –¬†past,¬†present or future. Distance Reiki is just as strong and effective as an¬†in-person healing. I¬†tend to make a set time with the client for a treatment and recommend that during this time¬†he/ she is¬†free from distractions and in a relaxed position (seated or laying down) during the treatment. This is not¬†necessary as you would still receive the energy regrdless of¬†where you are or what you are doing but I think that it is¬†nice to be able to relax and just focus on yourself during this time. To¬†observe and acknowledge any¬†emotions¬†or sensations that may arise and to focus your intention on what you would like to be healed or to release.


Crystal ReikiCrystal Reiki

Duration: 60 mins

Cost: AUD $80

What to expect: Reiki and crystals are work brilliantly together. Crystals amplify the Reiki energy and add their individual healing qualities and vibrations to the healing session, working deeply on all energetic layers. Crystal Reiki is performed in person as crystals are physically placed on the body to balance the chakras and a grid set up around the table to help amplify the energy.


What to Expect From a Reiki Treatment (whether in Person or Distance)

During a Reiki treatment, it is common to experience deep relaxation and even fall asleep.  Some people can feel and sense the energy as heat, tingling or a slight pressure. Sometimes the energy can be cold.

Reiki can release suppressed emotional energy during or after a treatment so please be gentle with yourself. Pay attention to any emotions that come up in the days following a treatment. Are you experiencing any physical symptoms?  Be gentle with yourself and support your body through this healing and cleansing process. Drink plenty of water, eat a clean diet and get as much rest as is needed.

Remember, I am here to supprt you xXx



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